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Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor accidents usually occur unexpectedly.  It is an undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and is sometimes caused without apparent cause.  However, most accidents are not accidents at all: they are collisions that could have been avoided.

Sometimes motor accidents are caused by acts of god.  For example, heavy winds, rain, thundershowers and heavy snowfall may result in automobile accidents.  During bad weather, drivers have to be specially careful and safe in the operation of the vehicle since wet and windy roads make driving highly dangerous.

Getting motor vehicle insurance for events of acts of god is the best way to avoid liability.  The damage caused to motor vehicle by floods can be covered partly or sometimes fully.  The coverage of insurance varies from area to area and depends on the extent of damage which has incurred.  Since the natural disaster insurance is too pricey and moreover since it is not mandatory majority of the people feel that it is not necessary.  Insurance against natural disasters may provide relief funds for wildfires, floods and many other natural calamities.

Though it is not possible to avoid or control weather conditions that result from an act of god, it is possible for vehicle owners to insure their vehicles from accidents arising from act of god.  Comprehensive coverage is generally available for acts of god that directly damage the motor vehicle.  In such cases, the insurance policy will generally include a list of events that will constitute act of god.

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